Kanyakumari Beach


      Sanguthurai, a beautiful beach resort is 10 km away from Nagercoil. It is a convenient spot for the local people. There are no infra structure facilities till now, but the district administration has sanctioned Rs.6 lakhs to build parks and entertainment buildings. The work of construction is complete. There are also plans to put up few shops for women self Help Groups, wherein tourists can buy the necessary things they want.


      This is located 40 km away (North west) of Kanyakumari. There is a five beach in this place. There is a lighthouse in this shore and it is a place perfect for relaxation.


      This is one of the beautiful natural beaches located in the district which is 10 km away from Kanya kumari. The water in this beach is shallow and we can find many sand dunes in the shores. The district administration has taken steps and developed this wonderful natural beach into a five tourist spot. The new laid coastal road leads the tourists to this spot. The beautiful site that the tourists watch along the way to this spot enthralls them with joy.


      This place is located on the west coast, near painkulam village which comes under the revenue of Vilavancode. The beach here is a beautiful site because there are huge coconut groves near this beach. It is said that it was a major trade centre during the ancient days, specifically Arabra. The non-salty water from the Thamiraparani river enters into the sea through this beach. One can enjoy the boat ride on the back waters of the river. It is 35 kms far from Nagercoil and 54 km from Kanniyakumari Bus transport is frequent to this place.


      This place, Thekkurichi is a very small village. This is located in the West Coastal area. The seashores are calm and sereve in this beach. There are umpteen number of casnarina trees near the shore which provide shades and it is a joyous atmosphere.