Church and Dargha in Kanyakumari


      A prove and dedicated priest visited the coastal areas of Tamilnadu from Goa. He stayed at Kottar on his visit. Kottar was an established trade centre during the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. He was a catholic priest. He worshipped. Mary in a small temple in this place. He was called valoya Pandaram by the people. He turned away the padagas who tried to conquer the venad. The King appreciated the priest and offered him a land to build a catholic church. It was renovated and now it is a huge cathedral.


      The graceful and lovely proportions the 153 feet high and 53 feet wide and the Rosary beads are delightful to watch. This is the structure of the huge church. The Central tower of the church has a cross which is of pure gold. The church has a beautiful statue of the Blessed virgim Mary. This church is also one of the beautiful churches in India.


      The mosque, named peer Mohammed Oliyullah is located at Thuckalay. This mosque was named after the Muslim philosopher Mohamed Appa. This philosopher was born in Tenkasi a part of the Tirunelveli District. He spent sometime in the abode namely Peermedu in Kerala state and then came to Thuckalay. As a poet of Tamil, he wrote many books on philosophy. The chera Kings had a good relationship with this poet philosopher. He said the foundation store for the construction of the Granite fort in Padhmanalsapuram. The anniversary of this great man is attended by a large mass of people from both the states, Tamilnadu and Kerala.